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Hale's Blue Boy Syrup - Nom Yen (iced pink milk)
Hale's Blue Boy Syrup - Nom Yen (iced pink milk) Hale's Blue Boy Syrup - Nom Yen (iced pink milk) Hale's Blue Boy Syrup - Nom Yen (iced pink milk) Hale's Blue Boy Syrup - Nom Yen (iced pink milk) Hale's Blue Boy Syrup - Nom Yen (iced pink milk)
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Hale's Blue Boy Syrup - Nom Yen (iced pink milk)

The Thai Drink You Need in Your Life.

Hale’s Blue Boy is at the center of many celebrated Thai drinks. Since 1959, the brand also carries a grape, pineapple, strawberry, root beer, rose, and cantaloupe flavor -- though you’ll be hard pressed to find these among Thais.

The three most iconic flavors are here! 

Red is sala flavor (most popular).

Green is cream soda flavor.

White is mali, or jasmine flavor.

Pinky milk -- or nom yen -- one of the most famous concoctions invented using Hale’s, looks exactly like what it sounds like: a creamy, blush-colored beverage enjoyed by children and adults alike and made from Hale’s thick, sala-flavored syrup and milk. It’s refreshing for hot days, delicious as a dessert, and perfect filled with pearls of tapioca ball. It can come served over ice, frothy and hot, or blended into a sugary Thai slushy.

Chef Ian Kittichai, who is an Iron Chef of Thailand and invents unique, Southeast Asian sweets at the various Spot Dessert Bars across New York City, has fond memories associated with Hale’s. “It is something all Thais have grown up eating and drinking, so it is very linked to our childhood memories,” he explained. “It is served in drinks and desserts for all occasions -- everyday at school, during military training (which is compulsory for all Thai boys and men), temple events -- even when one becomes a monk.”

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Company Profile

Hale’s Blue Boy flavored syrup has been the market leader of syrup in Thailand for decades. It has been delighting customers for generations. The customers do always trust the hygienic quality even before HBB acquired the certificates of TIS from Thai Industrial Standard Institute, FDA from Thai FDA and GMP and HACCP from SGS,Halal Certificate from The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand,THAILAND TRUSTED QUALITY from Department of International Code Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce and the latter one " THAI SELECT " the authentic thai cuisine from DITP.

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