Tips for our Thai Lemongrass Chicken Marinade | Freezer Friendly

Anyone love BBQ? Lemongrass chicken? it's effortless and delicious.


Many people at my health bar in North Vancouver have asked me what did I use to marinade the chicken?! I said I just this pack all over the raw chicken and leave it overnight!! 

This is the real fragrance of Thai lemongrass combined with the perfect taste of fish sauce, garlic, peppers and other goodness discounting MSG. It is the perfect combination that creates the most juicy and flavourful of chicken or any protein of choice.  

Tips for marinade.

The longer you marinade, the better the taste goes into your protein. 

***Put it in the refrigerator or freezer***

15 minutes = almost no taste :( 

45 minutes = somewhat taste :/

3 hours or more = recommended :) 


1 sachet per 3-4 chicken thighs

1 jar per 18-20 chicken thighs


BBQ, Grill, Oven, Boil, instant pots are all great ways to cook your meat. 


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