Thai Homemade Milk Tea Recipe! plus diary free & party size recipes

Thai Homemade Milk Tea Recipe! plus diary free & party size recipes
Here are the recipes for some refreshing original Thai milk tea from my kitchen. 
Whenever we do samples at our trade shows in Vancouver, BC, people always ask what makes the creamy milk tea! Here you go. This recipe is also good for Thai Green Tea and our premium tea as well, Premium Extra Gold. 
The Original Thai Tea / Green Tea in Grande Cup 
1) Thai Tea 2 sachets (I like it strong) + 3/4 cup of Hot Water. Steep with hot boiling water for strong tea 4-5 mins.
2) Add Condense Milk 2 tablespoons + Sugar 1 teaspoon then stir...The color will start to change from red to creamy orange..
3) Finish off by adding evaporated milk 2 tbs (or pour directly on top of ice)
Then pour over your glass filled with small ice cubes. 
Diary Free recipe 
Substitute with your favourite almond / soy milk / drinking coconut milk 
Party Recipe
1) Showcase your brewed Thai Tea in a big jar 
2) In a separate container, mix the sweeteners (Condense milk + Sugar + Evaporated milk) together in a separate containers.
Instruction: Have your guests individually pour sweetener directly to their own cups of tea.
These recipes are totally customisable and up to your taste! so HAVE FUN and play with it. 
Many people come up with recipes that taste better to them! so this is the fun part! 
Enjoy! and....
Don't forget to second brew your tea, and make some icy lemonade afterwards.
(Same tea bag + Lemon + Honey = refreeeeshing time!!) 
Let me know how youguys like it!!

Thai Milk tea
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Let me know how it goes.
Korb-Kun-KA ^/|\^

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