Green Curry with Tofu and Eggplants (Vegan)

Perfect Thai Curry with coconut milk (Vegan*)

Green Curry bowl

Happy day!

This recipe is passed on from my mother, Tanyapat, who always best at cooking her soups and curries at home and serve at a restaurant in Thailand. Today I made a bowl of green curry using a firm tofu in substitute for chicken or pork. A traditional Thai green curry uses chicken breast or chicken thigh for the meat portion. 

The curry paste is made vegan* because it does not contain any meat product or any fish sauce! I am very happy with the result itself because this is the closest vegan product that I have ever experience in Thailand and outside.

This recipe is milky with herb blended nicely, yet guarantee that you have some kick at the end of your tongue.

What you need:

1/2 can of Coconut milk (I like using Aroi-D coconut milk because there's a creamy part of top that I will mention later)

1 sachet of Thai Green Curry Paste (Thai Aree)

200 gram of Tofu (I use firm type)

150 gram of Eggplant (I buy Chinese Eggplant, a long one)

1.5 cup of Water 

15 gram of Red Bell Pepper 

10 gram of Basil Leaves

That's all for the ingredients. 

Green Curry Ingredients


Cooking time 10 minutes!

Turn on your stove at medium-high heat

1) Add coconut milk to a sauce pot and bring to boil. Stir at all time! 

2) Add Thai Green Curry Paste to the pot and mix well until boil. Keep then will smell the green chilli paste and the creamy coconut milk goodness :D


3) Add tofu, eggplant, water, red bell pepper to the pot and close the lid to avoid evaporates.

4) Boil with low heat until cooked.

5) Top with basil leaves then serve with warm steamed rice or pasta!


This bowl serves 3 people. Tell me how it tastes!