Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Do you have a storefront? 

  • No, we do not. By not having the expenses associated with a physical location, we can pass our clients' savings. We meticulously describe and explain each product to our best ability to help you choose the right item in our online store. 


2) Do you have a pickup location? How much is shipping?
  • Yes, you can schedule a pick up in downtown Vancouver every Friday and Saturday between 12-3 p.m. 

3) How much is shipping?
  • Within BC: $15 flat fee or free shipping over $100
  • To the rest of Canada: $25 flat fee or free shipping over $150
  • USA: $25 or free shipping over $150
4) When should I expect my shipping? 
  • We ship your order within two business days after we receive the payment. You can only track your order when you're in Canada; however, you will also receive a tracking code if you choose USA express airmail shipping.


Cannot find the products you're looking for? 

Email us at info@thairootstrading.com with specific details and quantity.